FAQ - Why does my Newsletter look different after it is sent out?

Often when you create a newsletter, it looks great on your screen, but once it is sent via email, it doesn't look the same.  The formatting of the text and columns seems to be "off."

Different email clients interpret graphics and spacing in different ways.  There are industry standards, but not email clients follow them. Depending on what email service you are using, the format can potentially look slightly different.


Using the guidelines for the size of your graphics that is given when you add the various blocks will help keep everything lined up.  Graphics that are too big will cause the text and columns to get out of alignment.

It is also really important when you copy and paste content that you remove all of the formatting for that text.  You need to highlight the text and select the content editor button for "clear formatting." When you copy and paste from a Word document or from an email, you are copying in all of the formatting associated with that content. This does not work well for when that content is displayed on an internet browser. It may look okay in email, but when you display that in a browser it won't work on some of them.

When you duplicate a newsletter, the structure of the original newsletter is copied to the duplicated newsletter, so any updates to the newsletter blocks are not presented in the duplicated newsletter.  It is also a good idea to start a newsletter from scratch a couple of times a year.

Of the three newsletter templates, we recommend the third newsletter template for easier formatting.  The second newsletter template with the left rail is more difficult to format.  Another tip - keep it simple!  Trying to get too fancy with formatting can lead to issues with presentation across the various email clients.