Anchor Tags


By including an anchor tag within your content page, you can place links at the top of the page that when clicked, allow the reader to jump to another location on the page.

  • Anchors are generally used when you create pages with large amounts of text.  You would typically make an index at the top of the page that links to the anchors in the text below.
  • Linking to anchors is very similar to normal links. Normal links always point to the top of a new page. Anchors point to a place within the current page

To link to an anchor you need to:

  1. Create the anchor itself.
  2. Create a link pointing to the anchor.

The Anchor Icon is located in the editor (looks like a bookmark, just to the right of the URL link button).


    Step 1 - Creating the Anchor

    • Choose the location where you want to drop an anchor. This will be where the link is going to take the reader.
    • At that location, drop an anchor. This is the button in the content editor next to the link button.
    • Name the anchor.  You cannot include any spaces in the name. Be sure to remember the name that you have chosen.  For example:  Anchor_1

    Step 2 - Linking to the Anchor

    • Choose the location where you want to include the link to the anchor.  This most likely is near the top of your page.
    • Type in the text that will serve as the link to your anchor.
    • Highlight the text and choose the "link" button.
    • In the URL for the link you will type:  #Anchor_1 or choose from the drop down list of Anchors.
    • Don't forget to add the # sign before you type in the name.