Guest Check Out

When a user checks out using a Guest Form, they are required to fill out certain information in order to process their credit card.

It is still a good idea to go ahead and collect basic contact info on your Guest Forms by using data fields.

Sometimes guest users are making purchases for other users and their credit card and contact info might not necessarily match.  Collecting this information in data fields will allow you to contact the guest or will aid in delivery of the items purchased.

"Data Only Guest Forms"
  • You have the option as to whether or not to collect basic user information (name, address, email) when the user submits the form.
  • Edit Form / Advanced tab / Collect Guest Information for Data Only Forms?
  • Select "Yes" to prompt the user to enter their information.
  • Select "No" if you want to allow the form to be submitted anonymously.
  • This only applies to forms that are Data Only.  If the form has any products on it, the only option available for this is “Yes.”