Collecting Data on a Volunteer Form

You can add data fields to the opportunities on a volunteer form to allow your users to type in information such as what kind of cookies they will bring or how many bags of chips, etc.

  • Go to the form and click on "edit this form."
  • Go to the Opportunities tab.
  • When you scroll down the list of opportunities with your mouse, the option pops up to "add a data field" for each opportunity.

Adding a Data Field

1. Data Type - Currently the only option here is Text.
2. Name - This should be a unique name.  Do not use duplicate field names on the form.
3. Question Label - What the user will see on the form.  Please note: The user won't be presented with the data field until they have checked the checkbox for that opportunity.
4. Short Label - This is the label users will see once other users have added information to the field.
5. Public? - Do you want the data that is added to the field to be visible?
  • No, don't show on volunteer form - do not show answers at all
  • Yes, show who said what - show answers and who they belong to
  • Yes, show answers, but not who said what - show answers only

To view the data field information as an Admin:

  • Go to Volunteers and click on the form title.
  • Select the blue number in the "Count" column.