Adding an Item to an Existing Order

If you need to add an additional product to an order, you can edit the order.

  • Open the order by clicking the blue order number.
  • Select the blue "add line item..." button.
  • Follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Form - The line item (SKU) being purchased should be connected to the form where it is being sold.  If it is not connected to the form, the sale will not show up on the Form Reports.
  2. Select the SKU (line item)
  3. Option - If there are options associated with the SKU chosen, you will need to choose one.
  4. Cost - This will auto-populate from the SKU information, but you can enter a different amount if you need to.
  5. Quantity - How many are being purchased?
  6. Tax - Should sales tax be added to the sale of this item?
  7. Student - Should the sale of this item to be tagged to a student on the account?  This is important if your reports for the sale of this SKU are related to an individual family or to a specific student.  It is also helpful if the item is to be delivered to the student.