Structure - An Overview

The Structure defines how all the pieces fit together on the page.  Think of the page like a puzzle that can be composed of different types of pieces (blocks):

  • HTML (web page type code)
  • Content Preview Blocks (1-3 previews of web pages or the latest story in a blog)
  • Menu Links (shows a menu of links as defined in Navigation)  

Other blocks are not general use, but rather Admin use, such as:

  • User Block (the login, logout bar at the top)
  • Blog (only works on blog pages)
  • Content (shows the content of the web page that has been requested)

The Structure Blocks (pieces) appear in the order they are within each region.  So a user goes to a page, the structure puts all the pieces of that page together and presents it to the user.

The Structure Blocks can be turned on/off on a page by editing the block and editing the Visibility tab (no checks at all means it will appear on all pages).