Partial Payments

Organizations can decide to accept Partial Payments for orders being placed.  This allows your users to pay only part of their order when they check out.  There are two ways to set this up:

1) Allow Partial Payments for all purchases made on your site.
  • Go to Admin / Payment Configuration / Partial Payments tab.
  • Change "Allow Partial Payments?" to "Yes."
  • Enter a minimum payment amount required when the user is checking out.

The user must elect to pay AT LEAST the amount entered here, or the entire order, whichever is less.

Entering $0.00 allows the user to effectively defer their entire payment until a later date.

2)  Allow Partial Payments for only certain purchases made on your site.
  • Go to Store & Forms / Select a form / Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and change "Allow Partial Payments?" to "Yes."
  • Enter a minimum payment amount required when the user is checking out.

Please Note:  If you have two active forms with different minimum payment amounts, the minimum payment amounts are added together to come up with the minimum payment required at checkout.

Check Out
  • When checking out, the user will be presented with a box below the order total showing the minimum payment amount.  This is where they type in how much they would like to pay.  As long as they enter at least the minimum amount required, they can partial pay.
  • The remaining balance will show on their receipt.  The next time they log in, they will be given a message that they have an order with an outstanding balance and a link to pay it.
  • If the user wants to pay in full, the box defaults to the amount of the order, so they can just click the PayPal orTransFirst buttons and pay as they always have.
  • If you have elected to allow users to “pay offline,” you will want to include instructions as to whether partial payments will be accepted offline.  Go to Admin / Payment Configuration / Offline Payments.
  • Users can NOT use account credits on their account to make the minimum payment.
  • Please Note: When purchasing membership, membership status will not be given until the order is PAID IN FULL.