Recording/Entering a Handwritten Check

**If you intend to print a check from your computer/printer instead of entering a handwritten check - see our article on How to Print Checks.

Checks can only be recorded against an asset account that is set up as a checking account. (If you are not presented with the option to write a check, be sure that your Asset Account is set up correctly. Go to the Chart of Accounts and edit the Checking Account.)


How to Record a Handwritten Check

  • Go to Accounting / Summary.
  • Select the “write a check” button.

  1. In the Checking Account field, select the Asset Account you will be printing the check from.
  2. Enter the Check Number.
  3. Enter the Check Date.
  4. In the "Payee" field, use the drop down field to select an active vendor or click on the "+add vendor" button to enter a new vendor.  This will take you to the "Quick Add Vendor" page where you will complete the vendor information.
  5. For "Ledger Accounts & Amounts for Expense", select the appropriate ledger account from the drop down menu and add the amount. Use the memo field to add a specific memo for each account line.
  6. Click "Save."