Content Preview Blocks

Content Preview Blocks provide a defined way of breaking up content so that you can present a small amount of information and then link to the the full story, similar to a blog.

Content Preview Blocks are different than blogs because you are in full control of placing, updating and removing the content whereas blogs are published by date with the most current stories displaying at the top.

Common Uses for Content Preview Blocks:

  • On a Home Page to show excerpts of current content with a with a button to go to more content.

  • A Sponsors Page to show different levels of sponsorships instead of using a table.

Creating Content for the Content Preview Blocks:

  • Each "story" or block is a content page that you will create.  If you want your blocks to appear someplace other than the Home Page, you will need to create that page, too. The Sponsors example above has 5 content pages feeding into it.
  • Go to Website / Content / Add New Page.
  • On the Content tab, add your content to the Content Excerpt field and the Content Body field. The Content Excerpt will present within the block on your home page. The Content Body will present once the user selects the "more" button. If you elect NOT to add a Content Excerpt, the entire Content Body will present.

Creating the Content Preview Blocks:

  • Go to Website / Structure.
  • Go to Region "Content" and select "add block."
  • Select "Content Preview Block" and then "add block."

  • Block Settings Tab:
  • Block Name - Choose a name that will identify the block's location or content.
  • # of content items to preview - You can select from 1 -3 "stories" to present. (Single, Double, or Triple Column)
  • Select the Page Title from the drop down list of content pages for each story.
  • Include "More" link? - Select "yes" if you're using Content Excerpts and add the text for the button.

  • Design Configuration Tab: Don't do anything here unless you know what you're doing.
  • Visiblity Tab:
  • Users that can see this block - Do you want to restrict which users can see the preview block?
  • Show only on these pages - Where should the preview block present?