What is a Form Packet?

Packet is a collection of forms that are bundled together so that the User is required to view each form in a series (one after another) without having to click on each individual form.

The uses of Form Packets are endless, but here are a few ideas...

Back-to-School Packet 

Include a Volunteer Opportunities Form, Membership Form, Donation Form & Spirit Wear Form

Party Packet 

Include the Party Volunteer Form and the Ticket Sales Form

Elementary Graduation Packet

Include Graduation Event Volunteer Form, Graduation T Shirt, 5th Grade CD and Graduation Program "Shout Out' Sales Form

VERY IMPORTANT - Do NOT put forms in a packet until you are completely done testing and changing them!

We recommend that you create your packet of forms right before you launch sales. While testing and setting up forms, it is best that they are NOT associated with a Packet of Forms.