FAQ - How can I delete an account?

Sometime users forget their login information, so they create a new account rather than requesting their account information from the system.  It's tempting to want to delete the duplicate accounts to clean up your database.

However, there is NOT a way to delete accounts!

Best Practice:  Before you make changes, it is a good idea to review the information in both accounts to assure that they are really duplicate accounts.

*If you find you absolutely need to restrict a user from having access to your site, you can add their email address to the Blocked User List.

  • Go to People / Reports / Contact Reports / Blocked User List.

*If your site is NEW and you are getting ready to Go Live, before you launch we can go in and clear all contacts and play transactions for you.  We recommend this so you will start fresh and without the extra test transactions and accounts created while learning the system.  Once you are live there is not a way to delete accounts. We consider user accounts to be their personal information which should not be deleted by an Admin or someone else.  They can choose to remove information at anytime.