FAQ - What is a good way to keep track of our Alumni?

To cut down on manual entry and to keep track of your students from year to year, we recommend the following:

  1. Add "Alumni" as a choice to your "Student Grade Level Choices" field (People / Configuration / Student Form.)  This way you can promote students transitioning out of your school to Alumni during the Year End grade promotion step.
  2. Go to Admin / Year End / Configure Custom Fields.  Use the drop down menu to select  the "Teacher" Custom Field and set all to TBD or Unknown.
  3. Add a Custom Field for "Graduation Year."  A Membership Toolkit Team Member will have to do this for you.  Just submit a ticket to our Help Desk with your request.  Once the field is set up, you can edit it and enter high school graduation years for the upcoming classes of students.
  4. After you Promote Students using the Year End tool, go to People / Students / Filter by Active, Alumni.  Select all / Update Checked and add their graduation year.

This will allow you to filter by your Alumni by the grade they will graduate high school in the event you offer scholarships or invite them back for a reception the year they graduate.