Guest Forms - No Login Required

A form can be set so that it is available for guests to complete without having to log in and create an account. This is recommended for situations when you want guests to be able to complete a form and you want them to be able to skip the first step of creating an account.

**Please Note:  Sales/Data from a Guest Form will NOT be connected to contacts in your database.

Important Notes on Guest Forms:

  • There is NO relation to the contact database. Guests will checkout and their contact status will be listed as External. Their information will not be included in your Contact Database. This includes current contacts in your database. If they submit a Guest Form and have not logged in first, their purchase will not be connected to their account.
  • Guest Forms are an option for both Sales Forms and "Data Only" forms. They should NOT be used for Membership Forms.
  • Guest Sales Forms require users to submit basic information such as name, address, and email.
  • Guest Data-Only Forms have the option of whether or not to collect basic user information when the user goes to submit the form.
  • A Guest Form should include data fields for any information you need to collect beyond the basic user information for the person who makes the purchase.
  • A Guest Form will be presented in the list of Open Forms for users that are logged in unless it set to only be accessible by the form link.
  • For Users that are logged in and complete a Guest Form, their purchases will be tracked and included in their Order History. 
  • No form conditions can be used.
  • The form can be completed multiple times. This is true for Guests and Users that are logged in.
  • No student information will be presented or captured in your report. This includes even users that are logged in and complete the Guest Form.
  • Line items cannot be set to present as one per student.
  • Orders on Guest Forms cannot be "pushed through" because a guest form does not create an order (which is needed to push the order through) until the order is completed. Once the user goes to their shopping cart and selects “pay now” it will complete the order for them.
  • Guest Forms cannot be viewed in Test Mode.  You must set the form to Active Mode in order for it to be visible in your Open Forms.


You will want to use the Form Report - Details.

Inventory Control

SKUs added to the form that are set up to control inventory, will be related to the inventory numbers.

How to Create a Guest Form