Creating a Form Packet - Adding Forms

The Packets / Forms tab is where you add the specific forms you want to include in your packet.

VERY IMPORTANT - Do NOT put forms in a packet until you are completely done testing and changing them!

We recommend that you create your packet of forms right before you launch sales. While testing and setting up forms, it is best that they are NOT associated with a Packet of Forms. 

  1. Add Forms to the packet by clicking the blue button and selecting from a list of all your Active Forms.  Important Note:  DO NOT include Guest Forms in your packets or the same form in more than one packet.
  2. Rearrange Forms by dragging them up and down.  You must Save for them to "stick" in place. 
  3. Remove Forms from the packet by clicking the red button next to the form.
  4. Duplicate the Packet by clicking the orange button at the bottom right.
  5. Delete the Packet by clicking the red button at the bottom right.  However, we recommend you Archive your packet (on the Overview tab) rather than delete it unless you made a mistake and don't intend to use the packet.