Creating a Form Packet

VERY IMPORTANT - Do NOT put forms in a packet until you are completely done testing and changing them!

We recommend that you create your packet of forms right before you launch sales. While testing and setting up forms, it is best that they are NOT associated with a Packet of Forms. 

A Packet is a collection of forms that are bundled together so that the User is required to view each form in a series (one after another) without having to click on each individual form.

  • Packets can include product forms, data forms, and/or volunteer forms.  However, it is best not to include the same form in multiple packets. Important Note:  Guest Forms can NOT be included in a packet.
  • Once a packet is active, it will appear in the Packets section of the Open Forms list.
  • When the user opens a packet, they will be taken to a preamble page with a “Get Started >" button which will take them to the first form in the packet flow.  Clicking "Next >" on each form will take them to the next form.
  • When you click "Finished >" on the last form in the packet flow, you’ll be taken back to the Open Forms screen.  Or you can choose to present the button "Proceed to Checkout >" which will take them to the Checkout screen.

To Create a Packet:

  • Go to Store & Forms / Packets / New Packet