Adding Inventory Control After Sales Start

You can add Inventory Control to an item in your Catalog at any time.  Inventory Control is commonly used when you have a set number of items to sell and you don't plan to re-order.  If Inventory Control is in place, once you have sold all of your inventory, members will see that the item is "Sold Out."

The PTA has ordered 75 copies of The Inferno.  Sales started last week and we have already sold 22 copies of the book.  The inventory available to sell is 75 - 22 = 53 books. To set the Inventory Control:
  • From the Dashboard, go to Store & Forms / Catalog to see a list of SKUs in your Catalog.
  • Select the SKU that will be inventory controlled.
  • On the Sales Information tab, change Manage Inventory to "Yes" and Save.
  • Go back to the Catalog list and select the blue "adjust inventory" button for the SKU.  All Adjustment Quantities entered are relative to the current total Quantities On Hand (QOH) in the system.

For more information on setting Inventory Control, see the Help Desk Solution:  Inventory Control - The Basics