Switching to the "Dallas" Template

The "Dallas" Template is unique because it is a Mobile Responsive Template.  The purpose of this design is to allow easy reading and navigation with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Key Features of the Dallas Template:

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Full-width option
  • Choice of Left Rail, Right Rail or Both
  • Blog Previews on Website Pages


Examples of Sites Using the Dallas Template:

  1. Left Rail
  2. Full Width
  3. Left and Right Rail

To switch your website design to this template:

  • Go to Dashboard / Website / Structure.
  • Select the blue "edit page templates" button on the right side of the screen.

  • Select the blue "switch design" button.
  • Click the "Import Design" button for the Dallas Template.

  • Click the "Make Active" button and a green check mark should appear.

Once you have switched the template, you will need to "clean up" your site.  Your content will transfer, but you will have to adjust the Navigation, create new Blocks in the Structure for the Rails, add Blogs if you wish to use them, and possibly create a new Header.

If this sounds like more than you wish to do on your own, you can hire the Membership Toolkit Team to update your site. For $175, we will switch your site to the new template, adjust the structure and design, have our graphic designer create a new personalized header for your site and 6 new buttons.