Using Tables

Inserting Tables

  • To insert a table into a content page, go to Website / Content / click on the title of the page.
  • Scroll down to the "Content Body" section and create the table using the Table Icon drop down menu.

Once the table has been created, you can edit it's properties by clicking on it and using the pop up editor. You can add data to the table by typing directly in the cells.

Editing Tables

To increase/decrease the size of the rows/columns:

  • Highlight all of the rows/columns.
  • Select the Table Editor button at the top.
  • Select Row or Column properties

To edit the border color:

  • Select the table.
  • Select the Table Editor button at the top.
  • Choose Table Properties / Advanced Options.
  • Enter the Hex value for the color that you want.

To edit the background color of the cells:

  • Select the cell.
  • Select the Table Editor button at the top.
  • Choose Cell / Cell Properties / Advanced.
  • You can click on the square off to the right of "Background color" to open the color selector or you can paste in the hex code.

To align the text vertically in the cells:

  • The top, center, bottom alignment of text is called "Vertical Alignment" or "VAlign" for short.
  • It is a property of each table cell (not rows, columns or the table itself).
  • To change it, highlight the cells you want to change.
  • Go to the Table Editor button.
  • Choose Cell / Cell Properties.
  • Change the V Align property.