Creating a New Calendar

Go to the Calendars tab and select the "add new calendar" button.

To create the New Calendar:

  1. Calendar Name - This is the system name for the calendar.  If you change this later, you will have to update all of the places on your site where it is referenced so the system will know where to find it.  Do NOT use symbols, only letters and numbers.
  2. Calendar Title - This is what your users will see.  This can be changed later without causing issues.
  3. Calendar Description - This will tell your users what type of events are on the calendar.
  4. Calendar Type - Choose "Locally Hosted" for a calendar that will be maintained on your site.  Choose "External via iCal Feed" for a calendar you will be integrating from another site.
  5. Calendar Visibility - You can select who the calendar is available to. (Public, Members Only, Admins Only, or Hidden)
  6. Colors - You can customize the colors on your calendar.  All Day events will be highlighted in a block of color you choose.
  7. Save - Always remember to save your changes.

*Once you have created your calendar, you will want to Add Events to it.

*You will also either want to display it on a Website Content Page or in the Left/Right Rail of your Website.  For step by step instructions: