Menu Entry Destination

Navigation controls the menus on your website.  A Menu Entry is the link in your navigation menu to a new content page.  You must create a Menu Entry in order to add something to the navigation bar on the home page.

The Menu Entry Destination tells the Menu Entry where to go.  You can have it point to a page that you have created or to a URL.

There are five categories for Menu Links:

1. Standard Options

These are preset pages in your Membership Toolkit account. 

2. Volunteer Groupings

Directs users to one of your Volunteer sign-up forms.

3. Blogs

Directs users to a blog on your site.

4. Pages

These are content pages that you have created in your Membership Toolkit account.

5. Specific URL
Directs users a new URL. 

To select a content page from within your site, select the up/down arrow and a list of all your content page titles will be shown.  Choose the content page that you want to link your menu entry to.

If you want to assign the menu entry to a URL, open the website in a new window, and copy the URL from your browser into the space after "Specific URL".  NOTE:  make sure you copy the URL from the web page.  Do not guess!