Auto-Populating Newsletter Lists

When a newsletter list is auto-populated, the system searches through all of your contacts and adds or removes email addresses to the list based on the conditions that you have set for that newsletter list

Admins have the ability to create a set of conditions (similar to form conditions) on Newsletter Subscription Lists that will automatically add users to those lists.  If the user matches the conditions, their email addresses (both primary and secondary) will be automatically added to the list (if they aren’t already on the list).

  • Go to Email & Newsletters / Add List or Select an Existing List.

Some Notes About Automatic Add Conditions:

  • The set conditions will be evaluated/applied when...
  1. the subscription list is either created or edited.  When editing, the Admin will be asked if they want to "Update List Addresses?"  They can choose, "Yes, apply them now" or "No, just save."
  2. an Admin edits a user's contact information.
  3. users edit their own contact information.

  • When a user changes their email address in the system, the old address is automatically removed from the subscription list and updated with the new one.
  • Contacts with a Cancelled Status will not be included in an auto-populated subscription list.  This is NEW!  Find additional/updated information in our article: Cancelled Contact Status on Auto-Populating Newsletter Lists.
  • Automatically Remove if conditions no longer match?  Admins can choose to have email addresses automatically removed from the subscription list when the conditions are no longer met OR they can choose to only remove email addresses from the list manually.
  • If ALL of the conditions are removed on a subscription list, auto-removal of email addresses will not be done.  Whatever auto-added addresses are on the list at the time will be retained.
  • Admins can still add or remove email addresses manually, and members can manage their own inclusion in the list via subscribe/unsubscribe.
  • Best Practice Tip:  Always include Contact Status as one of your conditions. In most cases, this should be set as "Active" so you are not sending communications to contacts who are no longer active on your site.  Also, using the "not equal to" condition is complicated and you should always test to be sure you get the results you expect.