Orders with Overpayments

Reviewing Orders with Overpayments is one of the tasks that must be completed prior to closing the books at year end. These orders must be dealt with before you can move into the new fiscal year. . 

  • Go to Accounting / Year End.
  • From the checklist, select the hyperlink "review the details here" for the Orders with Overpayments. 
  • Review the list of Orders with Overpayments.

You can either edit the order to bring your books into balance, or refund the overage.

  1. To edit an order, click on the order number.  When you are editing the orders, be sure to choose a date that is in the correct fiscal year for the adjustment.
  2. To refund an order, click on the order number.   Select the blue "manual refund" button next to the Overpayment amount and complete the refund information.