Closing Out the Accounting Books - Fiscal Year End

When you are ready to close out your previous year, you will need to complete the Year End Checklist.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT complete your Year End Close until after you have finished entering ALL transactions for your current fiscal year.
Once you close your books, all new entries will be tagged to your new fiscal year. 

  1. Go to Accounting / Year End.
  2. Complete each step in the checklist.
  3. Set the date for the year end close date.
  4. Hit the GO button at the bottom.

Once you hit "GO" you cannot reverse the process.  Refer to the other Help Solutions and the links provided for information on completing each step in the year end closing process.

After completing your year end close, Go to Accounting/Configuration and set the 'Current Fiscal Year Dates' to the new dates for your financial year.  Click the Save button.