Ledger Accounts & Amounts for Income

For each SKU in your catalog, you can specify up to six account ledgers to distribute income into from your sales.  You may only choose from income and liability accounts and all amounts must add up to the sales price for the SKU.  If multiple or custom prices are allowed for the SKU, all income will be allocated to just one account.

  • Go to Store & Forms / Catalog / Select or Create the SKU.
  • Go to the Sales Information tab.
  • Under "Ledger Accounts & Amounts for Income" use the drop down menu to specify the allocation of the sales price to up to 6 different accounts in your budget Chart of Accounts.
  • Enter the amount that is allocated to each account.

Please Note:  This feature only allocates the income to the appropriate budget account.  It does NOT deposit into your checking account or any other asset or expense account.  That has to be done on the Accounting tab.