Texas PTA Membership Report

Membership Toolkit offers a specially formatted report for PTAs in Texas that are submitting dues and a roster to the Texas PTA.

  1. Go to People / Reports / Texas PTA Membership Report.
  2. Select the date range for your report.
  3. Download the report to excel.
  4. Sort the excel report by the Membership Type column so all of your membership types are listed in groups.
  5. Mark an "x" in column D to indicate anyone who is a Lifetime Member.  This will match up with column G on the TX PTA report when you copy and paste.
  6. Open/Download the TX PTA Membership Submission Form.  (it is also attached below)
  7. Copy and paste columns A through E individually from the MTK excel report into columns B through G of the TX PTA Membership Roster and Dues report, matching the columns appropriately.