Deliverable Products

When creating a SKU, you have the option of making the product deliverable.  You can set this in the Catalog on the SKU's Sales Information tab.

1) To mark an order as delivered once the delivery has been made:

  • Go to Store & Forms / Orders / Select the Order.
  • Then click the blue "deliver..." button.
  • Enter the quantity of each item being delivered.
  • Click "mark these deliveries."

2)  To mark many orders at one time as delivered without opening up each order:

  • Go to Store/Forms / Reports / Fulfillment Worksheet.
  • You can filter by the SKUs you plan to deliver items for.

3)  To check the quantities of items that have been/need to be delivered:

  • Go to Store & Forms / Reports / Ordered Items.
  • You can sort by date of purchase and category.
  • Clicking the blue numbers in the different columns takes you to the list of orders tied to that item.

Membership SKUs are typically set to non-deliverable, but if you want to distribute membership cards or you offer a "free gift with purchase" you can edit each Membership SKU so that you can track your delivery.

Returning/Deleting Delivered Items:

Once an item has been delivered, Admins can no longer delete the line item from the order and the delete button (little red trash can icon) disappears.

If you need to return an item that has already been marked as delivered:

  • Go to the order and click the blue "deliver..." button.
  • In the "delivering now" box, put a "-1" and click "mark these deliveries."
  • This will change the item to NOT delivered and the little red trash can should now re-appear next to the line item.