Offline Transactions - Deposits Connected to an Order

If there is an order in your Membership Toolkit account with a balance due and you receive cash or check as payment, you need to edit the order and record the payment. Until the payment is recorded, the cash or check is entered into your Undeposited Funds account.

Once you record that payment has been received at the order, the appropriate income accounts are also recorded.


To make a deposit for funds that have been recorded as part of an order in your Membership Toolkit account:

  • Go to Accounting /  Summary / Select "bank deposit" button.

  • On the deposit screen, select a deposit account (checking or savings)
  • enter the date of the deposit.
  • If there is cash in the deposit, enter the amount of cash being deposited.
  • Checks that have been recorded into Undeposited Funds will be presented in a list. Select the checks that are included in the deposit.
  • Hit record deposit.

Notes:  When you enter the deposit, it will be moving money collected and entered into your Undeposited Funds into your checking or savings account.  Your Undeposited Funds account will be decreased and your Checking Account will be increased.