FAQ - What can we do about a User that is not receiving emails because of a spam report?

Most email readers have a feature that allows uses to quickly mark an email they have received as spam. 

We take spam reports very seriously and immediately de-list an email address that reports an email from our system as spam.  This is necessary to keep us in good standing with the major ISPs and the email community as a whole, allowing more of the email sent to arrive in intended recipient's inboxes. Unfortunately, there's not a good way for end users to rescind their spam reports, so once a user has hit the spam button and we've been notified, there's not a way to undo this automatically.  

How to Tell if a User is on the Blocked List:Email-Contact Card.png

From the User's contact card you can see all of the email that has been sent to them and the status of that email.

  • Go to their contact card.
  • Select the Email tab.

In the list of emails find the last one that was delivered and review the status.  If they have reported it as spam, they are now on the blocked list.

What You Can Do

If you have a user that is no longer receiving emails because they accidentally reported an email you sent as spam, we can remove them from the blocked list.

You must confirm with the user that they wish to receive your emails.  You may not assume that they do. We are going to ask you to confirm that you have received an email or spoken to the user and they have requested that they be removed from the blocked list.

When you speak to the user, please be sure they know why they have been placed on the blocked list. Reputable organizations and companies take Spam reports seriously.

If you have confirmed with the user that they would like to receive emails, we can manually remove them from the blocked list.  However, our emails may end up in their junk or spam folder, so they'll need to look there.  Some email systems learn what is and isn't spam based on user actions, so they should un-flag the mail as junk so their email client can learn.

Log a ticket with the help desk to have the user's email address removed from the blocked list. We will need the email address and confirmation that they want to be receive emails.