Online Statements for TransFirst

How to Access Online Statements for Your TransFirst Account:

TransFirst uses an online tool called TransLink for online data management.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select the "Register" box just under the yellow "Login" box.
  3. Input Merchant ID #.
  4. Create unique password, all passwords must be at least 7 characters long and contain at least one non-alphabetic character. (for example, "*" or "4")
  5. Input primary users email address twice.
  6. Use drop down box in “verify by” field to select an identification method (available options include dda/checking account number or tax id number).
  7. Input the dda or tax id number as selected in step 6.
  8. Select the “register” button.
  9. If any sign-in problems come up, you can reach out to the TransFirst Account Executive for Membership Toolkit customers (see contact information below) or call the merchant support team at 1-800-654-9256.

Peter Stretton

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