Custom Fields and Directory

You can choose to include the information collected in your custom field in the directory.  The directory information for the custom field is controlled at the configuration for the custom field.  *Only administrators with Account Owner status can edit the configurations.

  • Go to People / Configuration / Custom Fields
  • Edit the custom field
  • Select the Visibility tab


Available for Privacy Should the field be included in the privacy options on the Publish Preferences form for the Directory?  If you select NO, users will not have the option to select whether they want the information in the directory.  If you select YESusers will be able to choose if this information appears in the online directory.

Present in Directory - Should this information be presented in your online directory?

Directory Search - Should this information be presented in the directory search options?  If you select YES at the top of your online directory there will be a search field that allows users to quickly filter the directory by this custom field. 

Directory Label - The label for the information in the directory.

Column Label - A short label for the field that is used in reports.

Note: Other Visibility Settings are trumped by Permission Settings.


For example: If you have “present in directory” turned on, but set the permissions to “CANNOT see or change this field value”, the field won’t show up in the directory.


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