Filtering Form Reports

There are many options when it comes to filtering your reports.  You can access the Form Report from the list of Forms.  Select the blue "report" button next to the Form in the list.  Using the blue "change filter" button, you can filter your list by:


The Status choices are those who have:

  • not submitted the form (incomplete and pending orders)
  • completed but not submitted the form
  • completed and submitted
  • skipped the form altogether
Current Member or Student Data?
This allows you to either use the current data for your Contacts or to use the data that was current at the time their order was placed.

You can also filter by Grade, Teacher, Connection to the Organization, and any of the other Custom Fields you have in place.

**Don't forget to click "Apply Filter" after you've made your selections.  Also, be sure to remember to select the dates for the data you wish to display.

You also have the option to select Contacts from your filtered list and email them if you'd like.  As a Form gets ready to expire near the end of a selling period, you may want to contact those who have not ordered to give them one last chance to purchase.