Adding Images to Forms & Content Pages

Pictures and logos can make your pages come alive.  To add images to your forms and pages:

  1. From the Content Editor, open the link to Insert/Edit an image.
  2. Source:  Select the file name of the image you wish to add.  This file name/location will auto-populate into field.
  3. Image Description:  You can choose to add a description here or you can simply leave this field blank.
  4. Dimensions:  The size of your image in pixels.  100 pixels is a good size to start with.  You can easily change the dimensions after the image has been added.
  5. Constrain Proportions:  The proportions of the length vs. width of the image are automatically preserved unless you uncheck this box.  This is useful when you need to "stretch" and image one way or another.
  6. Class:  Do you want space automatically around your image?  This field defaults to "No Padding," but you can select where you'd like to add extra space to keep your images from running into your text.
  7. Click "Ok."  You can use the Content Body Editor bar to move and re-size the image on the page. If you insert an image then highlight it and left justify it the text will float to the right of the image.  The reverse will happen if you right justify the image.

If you have the Insert/Edit Image box open you can use the Advanced tab to left or right justify the image so that text will wrap around it.


  • To present the image on the left and wrap the text on the right, put the following in the Style box: float: left;

  • On the same tab, you can add horizontal or vertical space. Adding 10-12 pixels provides a good amount of space between an image and floating text (you will add just the numbers to the Vertical space and Horizontal space fields).