Volunteer Tickler Emails

Ticklers are simply reminder emails.  They are a great way for Admins to set up reminders and "thank you" emails in advance of an event or volunteer opportunity.

1. To set up a Tickler, go to Volunteers / select the form/event you wish to send reminders for / edit form / Tickler Emails tab.

Note:  at the "Volunteer Opportunity" level, make sure to include the start and end dates and times for each opportunity in addition to how you want them presented to the User.  The reminder email times are set based on this information.  If these fields are blank, the email will not be sent.

2. Select the blue "Tickler" button, then choose "New Tickler".  You can have multiple reminder ticklers for each form.


Select Draft, Active, or Inactive 

Send Tickler

  • Relative - Use this option if you only want to send an email to a group of volunteers that are scheduled for a particular day.  For instance, if you have a schedule that covers Monday - Friday, you may want the reminder to go to the Monday volunteers on Sunday, the Tuesday volunteers on Monday, etc. You will set the number of days in advance or following the volunteer slots and the time of day you want the email to be sent.

In this example, the email will be sent out at 8 am, 2 days before each day that there is an opportunity scheduled.

  • Absolute - Use this option when you want to send an email to the entire group of volunteers on the form, no matter their date/time slot.  The email will be sent on the specific day and time you choose.


This is the email address the tickler will come from.  You can select from a list of Admins on your site.


The subject line of the email.


This is where you put what you want the tickler to say.  You can add macros to the email to help personalize the information included. To add a macro, click on the appropriate one when you are ready to add it to your message.

*Note:  Ticklers are also duplicated when a Volunteer Form is duplicated, but they will in Draft.  You will need to set them to Active if you want them to be sent out.

*Also Note: Tickler emails will be sent to all assigned volunteers whether Active, Inactive, or Outdated. They will not be sent to volunteers with Cancelled status or that are on the Do Not Contact list.