Year End Transitions - Updating Membership Expiration

When a contact becomes a member the membership has an expiration date.  There are two ways for membership status and expiration dates to be given to a contact.

  1. Membership SKUs that grant membership status have an expiration date at the SKU level.
  2. Administrators can manually give membership to a contact at which time they set the membership expiration date.

BEFORE you launch your membership sales for the upcoming year, you will need to update your membership expiration dates to expire at the end of the next year.  There are two ways to accomplish this:

Option 1 - Updating through the Year End Checklist

This option will only work if you launch membership sales for the new year AFTER you schedule to roll over system dates. All SKUs that are set to trigger membership will be updated.

· Go to Admin / Year End.

· Configure the “schedule the roll-over of system dates and other important system settings”.

· Set the new membership expiration date.

Option 2 - Updating at the SKU Level

If you launch membership sales in the SPRING before Year End, DO NOT complete this step as part of the Year End process.  See Updating Membership Expiration Dates at the SKU Level instead.