Year End Transitions - Updating Contact Status Expiration

All contacts in your Membership Toolkit Account have a Contact Data Expiration Date. When a user creates an account or an inactive user logs in and verifies their family's information, a data expiration date is set for that family's record.

Updating Contact Expiration using the Year End Transitions tool:
  • Go to Admin / Year End / Schedule the roll-over of system dates and other important system settings.

BEST PRACTICE For Setting Contact Expiration Date:

Most schools and parent organizations set their contact data expiration date for June 30.


Manually Changing All Active Contacts to Outdated

If you are planning a big launch for registration or sales prior to the current contact expiration date, you may want to consider updating all of your active contact’s statuses to outdated.  Go to Admin / Account Utilities / Make Contacts Outdated.

*We rarely recommend using this option during the school year.