Add Data Fields/Presentation

Field Type

  • Text (single line) - The user is limited to the number of characters that will fit in the width of the field.
  • Text (multiple lines) - The text will word wrap
  • Select Box (drop down) - The user can choose from a list of preset choices that will "drop down".
  • Checkboxes - The user will be able to select more than one option.
  • Radio Buttons - The user will be able to select only one option.
  • HTML Block (no field) - This option is for when you do not want to include an actual field box, but would like to include a picture or text within the page.


The width (# of characters) of your field.  This only applies if you are creating a text field (see above).  If you want to increase the height, enter the width, then the height separated by a comma.  Ex)  20,2

Maximum Characters

Set a maximum amount of text allowed in the field for both single and multiple line type fields.

Default Value

If you want the field to default to certain data.


These are the choices you want to present when using a drop down menu, check boxes, or radio buttons.  Enter one choice per line.  Do NOT use commas. Hyphens, underscores, and colons are okay to use.

We recommend typing 2 or 3 spaces and a hard return as the first choice so that the default value of the field is blank and does not automatically default to the first choice in your list.

Input Translation

These options allow you to set up a data field that will present as a telephone number, email address, number, or dollar amount.

Input Validation

Data fields can be set so that an answer or choice is required.  For more information on how to do this, see Input Validation - Requiring an Answer.