Allowing Offline Payments (Cash or Check)

There are two options for allowing contacts to submit orders and then pay for those orders offline.

  1. Turn on the option for all contacts.
  2. Turn on the option for individual contacts that need the flexibility of choosing to pay offline.

Option #1 - Turn on the option for ALL contacts to pay offline
  • Go to Admin / Payment Configuration / Offline Payments.
  • All contacts will be presented the option to pay offline.
  • You can customize the wording on the email receipt sent to people when their order is placed.
  • If you are also allowing Partial Payments, you might want to add a note to users in the "help text" to instruct them as to whether or not partial payments will also be accepted offline.  More Information on Partial Payments

Option #2 - Allowing Individual Contacts to Pay Offline
If you choose to not allow all contacts the option of paying offline, you can still present this option to individual contacts that need this flexibility. 
  • Go to People / Contacts.
  • Select the Contact.
  • On the Directory and Account tab, edit the Offline Payment option.

Once the order has been placed and payment has been made, you'll need to manually apply the payment to the order.  For steps on how to do this, see our Help Desk Solution:  Recording Offline Payments (Cash or Check)