Edit Forms - Line Items/Form Specific

The Form Specific tab is where you specify information about the product (SKU) that is unique to this form.

Minimum Quantity

Users must purchase at least this many.  Type "0" or leave blank if you don't want to set this.

Maximum Quantity

Users aren't able to purchase more than this number.  Type "0" or leave blank if you don't want to set this.

Default Quantity

Start the quantity with this number.  If you set this number for 1 - users must purchase at least one item if they are going to make a purchase from that form.

Present a row for each student? - Yes/No

Select "yes" if you want the product to be available for each specific student associated with the user's account.  However, do NOT set this to "yes" if your entire form is already set up to present as one per student on the Form / Settings tab.  Choose one location or the other.

Show prior purchase message? - Yes/No

Select "yes" if you want the user to get a warning message if they have previously purchased this item.  This is helpful for items which a user would typically only need to purchase one of such as a yearbook or school supplies.

Allow user to re-purchase item? - Yes/No

If you set this to “No,” the system will not allow the user to place an order for an item they’ve already bought in the past. This is controlled at the SKU level, so if you have the same SKU on multiple forms and each Form Specific tab for the SKU is set to "No," the user will not be able to re-purchase. If the form or line item is set to "One Per Student," the user will only be allowed to purchase one item for each of their students.

Re-purchase Cutoff Date/Time

This tells the system how far back to look for prior purchases of the item.  When the re-purchase option is set to "No," the Cutoff Date creates a condition where if a user has purchased the item SINCE that date, they WILL NOT be allowed to re-purchase.  But if the user purchased the item BEFORE that date, they WILL be able to purchase it again.

*In addition, below the quantity selection for each line item on a form, if the User has purchased an item before, a message will present that states: “Previously purchased __ time(s).”