Updating TransFirst Account Owners

It is important to keep your TransFirst account current with the names of the people who are responsible for your account. 

To update the Account Owners on your TransFirst account:

  • Click here to download the Merchant Change Form
  • Check the box at the top of the form - "Authorized Signer Add/Change"
  • Complete the form, adding the new account owner under "Add/Change Authorized Signer"
  • A current account owner must sign the document
  • Email a copy of the completed form to Peter Stretton at PStretton@tsys.com.

We recommend that you request to be notified to confirm that the change has been completed.  It takes 2 - 3 days for the update to become effective.

There is no fee for updating your Account Owners.  Nonprofits do have the option of sending the bank signature card that shows the new signers on your bank account in lieu of the Merchant Change Form.