How Membership Status is Allocated in a Family

When creating a SKU that grants membership status, you can select how many memberships will be granted with the purchase of that SKU. You can choose 1 - 4 memberships for one SKU. 

  • The 1st membership is given to the 1st parent on the family account.
  • The 2nd membership is given to the 2nd parent on the family account.
  • The 3rd membership is given to the 1st active student on the family account.
  • The 4th membership is given to the 2nd active student on the family account.

All memberships purchased with this SKU will be given the same membership designation. This option works well for organizations that want to bundle their membership sales into one package.  Typically student memberships are sold individually and are not connected to the purchase of the parent memberships.

Please Note:

  1. Membership status is only granted after the order has been paid in FULL.
  2. Canceling an order does not automatically remove membership status.  Admins must remove this manually on the contact record.
  3. When granting multiple memberships, the system can only tag as many people as are on the user's account.  So, if the user buys 4 memberships, but only has himself, a spouse and one student listed on their contact record, only 3 memberships will be applied.  Though the accounting will still show the purchase of 4.
  4. Memberships should NOT be sold on Guest Forms. "Guest" users don't have an account and therefore will not be tagged as members.

To set up a SKU to grant membership:

  • Go to Store & Forms / Catalog.
  • Create or Edit the Membership SKU.
  • Go to the Membership tab and select "Yes" for "Purchase of this SKU changes membership status?".
  • Select the Type of Membership. (If you need to edit the choices for the type of Memberships you offer, go to People / Configuration / Membership Types.)
  • Select How Many Memberships. (see detailed info above)
  • Select the Expiration Type. Do you want the membership to expire on a particular date or after a particular number of days have passed?
  • Select the Membership Expiration Date or Number of Days After Purchase.  It is very important to fill in this date and to be consistent with all of your membership expiration dates.