Editing A Contact's Status/Expiration Date

All contacts in your Membership Toolkit Account have a Contact Data Expiration Date.  When a user creates an account or an inactive user logs in and verifies their family's information, a data expiration date is set for that family's record.

To view this information, go to Dashboard / People / Contacts, then select the family's record you wish to view.


There are five statuses:

  1. Active
  2. Outdated
  3. Inactive
  4. External
  5. Cancelled

On the Contact Information tab you will find the family's "Contact Status" at the bottom right.  Select the Edit button.  There you can manually change the contact's status or change the date when their data will expire.

Once this date passes, the contact will move to the "Outdated" status until the next time they log in to the system.  They will then be asked to re-verify their information and their status will return to "Active".

*If you have duplicate contacts in your database, change one of the duplicate contact records to a Cancelled Status.  When given the option, dNOT add them to the "Do Not Contact List" unless they have requested to no longer be contacted by your organization.