Calendar Macros for Newsletters

You can automatically include a list of upcoming events in your newsletter. The list will be generated from your Membership Toolkit calendars.

  • In the newsletter block, click the Add Macro button (see below). 
  • Choose either Insert Calendar (Number) or Insert Calendar (Date).  If you choose Insert Calendar (Number), be sure to fill in the number of events at the bottom of the list that you want to be displayed.   If you choose Insert Calendar (Date), then be sure to fill in the "Ending Date" field at the bottom of the list.
  • Select the calendar(s) from the list you wish to add.  

Note:  The events that are included in the published newsletter are determined at the time the newsletter is actually sent. If you create a newsletter on January 5 to be sent on January 10, the list of events that will be included are pulled from January 10 forward.