Newsletter Subscription List - Email Status

There are five statuses for an email address that is on your newsletter distribution list.

  1. Subscribed: on the newsletter distribution list and will receive the newsletters.
  2. Unsubscribe: the user has opted out of receiving future newsletters from this subscription list.
  3. Bounced: there was a technical error preventing delivery (server off line, mailbox full, etc.).
  4. Invalid: the email address is invalid in some way (improperly formatted, domain doesn't exist, etc.).
  5. Cancelled: admin cancelled the address from the list. (This only affects each particular distribution list and does NOT affect the user's Contact Status for your site.) 

*Emails that are in the unsubscribed, bounced, invalid, or cancelled category will NOT receive emails/newsletters when the distribution list is used.

*Admins can change the status back to "subscribed" by clicking on the blue number in the "Bounced" list and selecting the "edit" button next to the address.