Membership Form - Form Conditions

If you want to re-use your membership form again and offer it to users who haven't purchased membership, or if you create a new form that offers membership and want to be sure it is only seen by those who haven't already purchased, you can use a Form Condition to set this restriction.

  • Go to the Membership Form and click the Form Conditions tab.  
  • Click the "+" sign to create the condition.
  • Use the drop down menus to select the fields and restrictions.

If you want to offer Membership for a spouse after the Primary Parent has already purchased a Membership, you can still capture sales for the second parent by creating (or duplicating) a membership form and include a form condition that says: only present this form to users when the first parent is a member, the second parent is not a member, and there is a second parent listed on the account.

In this example, you will want to set the condition for the 1st Paid Member to "Yes" and the 2nd Paid Member to "No."  Please note, in the drop down list there are duplicate member fields.  The first set applies to the first (primary) parent and the second set applies to the second (secondary) parent.

Please note - using the "not equal to" condition is complicated. If you choose to use it, you should always test to be sure you get the results you expect.

For more information about using Form Conditions, see the Help Desk Solution:  Form Conditions