Directory Access - Approving All New Contacts

Organizations have the option to restrict ALL NEW contacts from being able to access the directory until approved by an Administrator. 

Example:  A parent logs in and creates an account with your organization. At the time they log in they also purchase a membership. Your directory is set to allow all members access to the directory. If you choose to set your directory default to "NO", then the new user is not given access to the directory until the Administrator has removed the restriction from their account.

Automatic Directory Access

To edit the settings for Automatic Directory Access:

  • Go to People / Configuration / Directory.
  • Select "No, admins must explicitly grant access" if you want all directory access ONLY by manual admin approval.
  • Select "Yes, automatically grant access to new contacts" if you want directory access granted without manual admin approval when a user meets the directory conditions.

Approving Access to the Directory

Access_Denied_Graphic.pngFrom the People tab you can quickly see which users are being denied access to the directory.  In the list of People this symbol indicates that the user is denied access to the directory.

To grant this user access to the directory, select the "toggle access" option.