Adding A New Contact

To quickly add a new Contact to your database go to People / Contact / New Contact You must have Administrator Access to Edit Member Information.

Directory Information

The default for new Admin-created contacts is set so that the information is NOT presented in the directory. However, the directory eligibility defaults to Yes which means the contact can choose to be included in the directory once they log in.  They will also have access to view the directory if they meet the other criteria set by the organization.  Administrators can toggle the directory eligibility and access from the People list.  For more information on how to do this, go to the Using the Online Directory help file.

Membership Information

There is an option to add membership information.  If you are using paper forms to sell memberships offline, we recommend that you do not add that here unless there is already an order placed in the system for the membership or if you don't need to account for membership purchases.  Instead, for reporting it is always best practice to Create an Order and Process the Payment Manually.

Student Information

If you want to add student information to the record, you will need to do so on the Contact Record from the People list.

Invite User

Once the Contact Information has been added, we recommend that you Invite the User to complete the process of creating their account.  When you select "Send Invite" the User will receive an email with a link and instructions.

When the User Logs In

If the User goes to the site and creates an account with the email address you entered, they will be asked to create a password, verify their email, and then they will be connected to their Contact Record.  This will NOT work if you have email verification turned off.  To check this go to the Turning On/Off Email Verification help file.  Also, this will not work if you have multiple records with the same email address as the email of record.