Volunteer Hours - Recording Hours

Volunteers can access the Volunteer Hours Form to record their volunteer hours by clicking on their name once they are logged in.

Volunteers can also access the Volunteer Hours Form via a link.  The Volunteer Hours Form will NOT show up as a form in the list of Open Forms.

https://YOUR ACCOUNT.membershiptoolkit.com/user_volunteer_hours

How To Give Parents Access to the Link:

  1. Distribute the link in an email reminding parents to submit their volunteer hours.
  2. If you have a Premium account with a Membership Toolkit hosted website, add the link to a menu item or create a button that links to the website page.  (see instructions below)
  3. If you have a Basic account, on your welcome page you can add in a link to the Volunteer Hours Form.

Creating A Navigation Link to the Volunteer Hours Form On Your Membership Toolkit Site:


  1. Go to Website / Navigation.
  2. Create a new Navigation Menu Item.
  3. Link to the Volunteer Hours Form called "User Enter Volunteer Hours." It is a default in the options that you have available for the menu item to link to. See screen shot below.