Posting Newsletters on your Website

Once a newsletter has been "released" and sent to your users, it automatically leaves the Draft or Scheduled Newsletters list and is moved to the Sent Newsletters list.  To view this list:

  • Go to Dashboard / Email & Newsletters / Sent Newsletters tab.

These newsletters are only available to Admins, but you can make them available to your users as well.  There are two ways you can present past newsletters to your users. 

Option #1 - Standard Newsletter List

Link directly to the lists of sent newsletters by creating navigation on your home page to:

  • Customize your title and text for the newsletter page.  Go to Email & Newsletters / Configuration.

  • Create Navigation to link directly to this page on your website for all of the subscription lists and archives.
  1. Go to Dashboard / Website / Navigation.
  2. Create and/or Enable the Menu Entry for Newsletters.  More About Navigation and Menu Entries
  3. The "/newsletters" URL is already in your list. You DO NOT have to create it as a Content Page. It is generated by the system and is where all of your Sent Newsletters go.

  • Once the navigation is connected, your users will be presented with the Available Subscription Lists.

Please note: If a subscription list is set to "Private" rather than "Open Subscription," only those users with an email on the Private list will be able to see the sent newsletters for that list - provided they are logged in with that email address.

When the user clicks on a list, they will be presented with the all of the Sent Newsletters for that Subscription List that have not been manually archived.  (These are newsletters that have not been moved from the Sent Newsletters list to the Archived Newsletters list - Dashboard / Email & Newsletters / Archived Newsletters.) Archived Newsletters will no longer be available to users.

Option #2 - Custom Destination

Create your own content page for links to the past newsletters.

  • Each newsletter has it's own URL. Some schools have preferred to create their own website content page that lists all of their newsletters with a link to each newsletter.  Here are the steps:
  1. The first step is Creating A Website (Content) Page.  If you need directions for this, click the link.
  2. Next, you will need to add the text to the content page such as the newsletter dates, etc.
  3. Then, grab the URL for the newsletter by going to Dashboard / Email & Newsletters / Sent Newsletters and selecting the appropriate newsletter.
  4. Click the blue "public version" button to view the public URL.  If you don't use this version, your users that are not Admins will get an error when they try to view it.
  5. Copy the URL from your browser window, then go back to the newly created content page and use the editor to link the appropriate text to that URL.

  • To direct users to your newsletter content page, you can customize the destination of the "back to newsletters" link that appears at the top of the public version of your newsletter.

  • Go to Email & Newsletters / Newsletter Configuration.
  • Back Button on Newsletter Page - Select "Yes - custom destination."
  • Back Button Label - Customize this text if you choose.
  • Back Button Destination - Select the content page for your newsletter lists from the drop down menu.

Here is an example of a content page with links to past newsletters: