Manually Adding Names to A Newsletter List - With Video

There are 2 ways to add names to your newsletter subscription lists:

1.  Manually Add Email Addresses to the List

  • Go to Email & Newsletters / Lists.
  • Select "add list" if you need to create a new distribution list.
  • Once the list is created, select the blue hyperlink number associated with the "Subscribed" emails for that list.
  • Select "add addresses"
  • Type or cut/paste in the email addresses that you would like to add to your newsletter list.

If you are uploading email addresses to your newsletter subscriptions, it is important that you know you are including only valid email addresses.  

An example of what might happen:

You upload a list of email addresses and it contains 35 invalid (no longer active) emails for your district personnel. The newsletter is sent and these 35 emails are bounced from the district's server. This now flags your district's email server and they block all future emails from you AND anyone else that is sending emails through Membership Toolkit.

2. Use Your Current Database to Add Emails to the Newsletter List
(Before you can use your database to add addresses to your newsletter list, you must first create the newsletter list under the Email tab - see screen shot above.)
  1. Go to the People / Contacts
  2. Filter your list so that you have the group that you would like to include on your newsletter list. (Example, choose the 2nd grade to filter the list if you are creating a 2nd grade distribution list.)
  3. Select the blue "email" button.
  4. Choose if you want to add both parents' email addresses, just the primary parent's email address, or only those that have membership status.
  5. Select the blue "add to newsletter list" button.