Connecting Your TransFirst Account to Your Membership Toolkit Account

Once your TransFirst account is set-up you can connect it to your Membership Toolkit account and begin accepting payments.  You will need your Gateway ID and RegKey from TransFirst to complete this process.  (See Setting Up a TransFirst Account for help with this.)

  1. Go to the Admin drop down menu and select Payment Configuration.  (Only Administrators with Account Owner status will have access to this.)
  2. Choose the TransFirst tab and select "YES" to make the TransFirst account active.
  3. Copy and paste you Gateway ID and RegKey from your activation email into your Membership Toolkit account.
  4. Test TransFirst to assure that it is working.  If you get "success" you are ready to go!
  5. If you are using Membership Toolkit's Accounting features, then be sure your accounts are set correctly.